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Instant Kungfu Lesson
Why is "Instant Kungfu" an oxymoron?
Because "Kungfu" means a skill developed with much time and effort.
This is an "instant" lesson -- but to understand it fully will take time and practice.

The first Shuai Chiao Moving Form: Diagonal Striking

The "Diagonal Striking" form is usually the first moving form taught in Shuai Chiao Kungfu.  It may appear to be a basic block and reverse stance strike, but the main application is off-balancing an opponent for the "Chopping" throw.  Although it may be hard to imagine a simpler movement -- a single step, grab, and strike -- learning how to do it properly, with good balance, timing, focus, and just enough power for setting up the throw, can take months of practice.

Diagonal Striking Animation  

1. From an "at attention" ready stance, sink down and slide the left foot out Diagonally to your left.  At the same time, block to the outside with the extended left hand.

2. Make a small circular grasping motion with the left hand and pull it down firmly to the left side of your waist, as you transfer weight to the left leg and sink forward into a left front stance.

3. As most of your weight settles in the front left leg, push out and slightly upward with the right hand.  This "Strike" is more of a push, and should come straight as an arrow directly from your right hip.

4. Repeat on the right side, and continue forward for multiple repetitions.

Important Points:

* Slide the foot out light and empty, then "pour" your weight into the leg.
The foot should not clomp down on the ground ("double weighting"), but should slide out into position almost silently.

*Remember the old beginner's adage: Feet - Hips - Hands.  Do not strike out until your stance is solid.
A common error is to push out with the hand before your stance is firm.  You must have a good "root" to support a powerful push. When you have fully mastered the movement, all three steps will happen in the blink of an eye and will appear simultaneous, but even at full speed they occur in sequence: Feet-Hips-Hands.  

* Keep your grasping hand firmly at your waist.
If you let this hand drift forward you will lose control of your opponent.

* Keep the elbow of the striking hand down.
If your elbow floats up and out to the side your force will dissipate and your elbow can then be the focus of a counter-move.  Keep the elbows down and the force of your arms near the center of your body at all times.  Tai Chi texts often remark on the importance of "heavy elbows" that hang low and close to the body.  Your elbows should only rise up when you are directly striking or attacking with them.

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