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Unlike "Instant Kungfu," instant self-defense against rape is possible.

This is because much of self-defense is in your mental attitude and simple precautions.
The basics are already widely publicized:

1. Be aware of your surroundings:  Don't shut down your senses.  Be cautious if you run or walk with a stereo plugged in your ears;  not only does it cut off your vital sense of hearing, your incapacity is clearly advertised to anyone who can see the wires and headphones.

2. Listen to your inner voice: trust your gut feelings. If a person or situation FEELS bad, he or it probably is.
Never blow off that warning "first impression."  Never ignore a sense of danger or unease.

3. Fight and resist NOW, not later.  If he is going to hurt you later, you might as well risk upsetting him now.  Never let him take you from the initial assault location to another place.

4. Be sensible.  Lock your windows and doors.  Travel in groups: at least two, and preferably three if you have to cross unsecured terrain.  "Buddy up" at parties and events.  Plan ahead for who will be the "designated driver/mom." Three out of four rapes are committed by drunken/doped-up men.  Half are perpetrated on similarly incapacitated women.

Know your Enemy

The serial Rapist predator is just the tip of the iceberg.
Don't be fooled by the media hype.

How do you spot a potential rapist?

Nine times out of ten, it is NOT the serial rapist-predator the media is warning about.
Less than a fifth of reported rape victims were raped by strangers. 
The majority, about 80%, were raped by men they knew on a first name basis. 
For college women, who report only 4% of legally definable rape situations, the ratio is even higher -- probably nine or ten to one.

So who is your potential rapist?  Unfortunately, you must realize that it is usually not a violent stranger with a knife or gun.  It is more often the guy down the hall in the dorm, the cute friend of a friend who's a little drunk; a party  or classroom acquaintance. 

You know this guy -- and first he was just being a little too friendly but all of a sudden he's gotten mean and pushy.

So what are you going to do? 
You need  realistic responses that are appropriate to the situation, not "kill-or-be-killed" movie techniques.  
Stabbing someone in the eyes with your keys may be very effective, but would you blind someone for life for just being a pushy jerk?

The following basic self-defense moves are very effective, but they will not make you invunerable.  Learning self-defense skills is like learning to swim.  No one asks their swim instructor if they will learn to swim a Class 5 rapids or survive an ocean shipwreck.  Yet, self-defense instructors are routinely asked if this or that method will work against "anyone."  The short answer is no.  The longer answer is that, like skill in swimming, the more you know the better off you will be and knowing even a little something is far better than knowing nothing.  The average attacker is not going to be like the Incredible Hulk; he will be more like the boy next door.  Even a little self-defense savvy may serve to discourage him.

Rape is about Control and Domination, not Sex.
The first thing the average rapist is going to do is to physically control or intimidate you.  Don't let him.  The attempt to exert control will usually start with the arms and hands.  If you draw the line right there, you may be able to avoid further escalation.  The object of studying and practicing the following kungfu methods is not just to escape a simple wrist grab, but to escape it firmly and smoothly.

Every woman should know the basic methods to escape a single hand grab on her wrist.  This is how many "date-rape" situations start.

The principle is simple: work against the thumb.

In a single-hand grab, four fingers are on one side, and the thumb is alone on the other.  If you put the force of your whole arm and body against that lone thumb, it will give way, even if the attacker's grip is strong.

To ensure you use the force of your whole body, practice the following Kungfu / Tai Chi  movements:

1.  Wave Hands Like Clouds
Wave Hands Like Clouds
Rotate your arms from the elbows in relaxed circles.  The hands swing down to the outside, in towards your waist, then swing  up the centerline of your body to your face.  When you are looking directly into your palm, rotate the hand out and away to the side, and let it drop down to the outside to repeat the circle.

Application:  Your attacker is facing you and grabs your wrist with his nearest hand.

If your attacker grabs your wrist with his opposite hand (his left hand grabs your right wrist) his thumb will be on the inside.  Use Wave Hands Like Clouds to brush off his grip.   In a relaxed, but firm, fashion swing your hand in across your body, then up to your face.  Rotate the palm outwards, levering against his thumb, and wave the hand to the outside, breaking his grip.
Important: the first movements must be very smooth and relaxed.  Don't jerk your hand up to your face; swing it up lightly.
Only the final movement in the last two pictures above is firm and sharp.

2. White Crane Beats Wings (Embracing the Moon)
 Crane Beats Wings
This is just the opposite of Wave Hands.  The hands swing up to the outside, and back towards your face with the palms turned out.  When your hand reaches your face, rotate the palm in toward your face, and let the hand continue to swing down the body centerline to your waist.

 Application: Your attacker is facing you and grabs your wrist across with his far hand.

If your attacker cross grabs your wrist with his same hand (his right hand grabs your right wrist) his thumb is on the outside.  Use White Crane Beats Wings to brush his grip away.  In a relaxed, but firm, fashion swing your hand out away from your body, then up to your face.  Rotate the palm inwards, cutting in against his thumb, and swing your hand down your body centerline, breaking his grip.

These moves, combined with a loud, firm, verbal indication of your annoyance ( "NO!"), can prevent situations from escalating.

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