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Instant Kungfu Lesson

Why is "Instant Kungfu" an oxymoron?
Because "Kungfu" means a skill developed with much time and effort.
This is an "instant" lesson -- but to understand it fully will take time and practice.

General Hints:

Keep breathing: don't hold your breath!  Breathe out on extensions and power moves.  Inhale on
transitions and absorbing movements.

Keep the hips tucked in and the lower back as straight as possible:  don't arch (hyper-extend) the lower back or bend over forwards.

Concentrate on the movement, focus on its application.  Kungfu is not just calisthenics.  You cannot just "walk-through" the forms and expect to gain the full benefits of mind-body integration.

Shuai Chiao Cracking Form

"Cracking" is one of the core movement forms of the Shuai Chiao style of Kungfu.  It trains the practitioner in the unique whole-body twisting motion that is used to produce the speed, power, and shearing action of many Shuai Chiao forward throws.  This form is directly applied in the Hand Blocking, Pulling, Cracking, and Cracking with Lifted Leg throws.

Standing in a wide horse stance, both arms are crossed in front of the chest with the hands in fists.  The right hand is on the outside for Cracking towards the left side.  On the count, twist quickly into a left bow and arrow (front) stance (the left leg is bent, the right leg is almost straight).  Simultaneously, pull the left fist down tightly to the left waist.  The right hand swings down and presses down and out with the palm of the hand along the line of the right leg.  The entire body tilts forward, straightens, and twists to the left, so the front of the hips and body are facing the ground.  The body should be so straight that if someone pushes directly on the top of your head, the force should go straight down into your right heel on the ground.  Pause for a moment in this position.

The movement of the feet is especially important.  The left foot must pivot strongly on the HEEL, with the left knee following the motion of the foot.  The weight of the body comes down solidly on the left leg, and the feeling should be one of "screwing" the point of the heel into the ground.  The right foot pivots slightly on the BALL of the foot, with the heel pushing back and down into the ground.

Pivot back into the horse stance, bringing the arms back to the chest with the left arm on the outside.  Now repeat the motion to the right side, pulling the right fist back to the hip, and pressing out with the left palm.  Repeat six to sixty times.



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