The Shuai Chiao Kungfu Club at The Ohio State University


1. Officials

At minimum, there will be one main ring referee, a timekeeper, and a scorekeeper.

The main referee will call the points for the match.  If two side judges are available, the referee will have the side judges call the points.  Disputed points will be settled by the referee's call.  Any questions regarding the match time or score will be referred to the timekeeper or scorekeeper.

2. Match Timing for Round Robin Competition

The match will consist of a single, 3 minute round.

After a fall or throw, the clock will be stopped in the adult divisions, but will continue in the junior divisions.  The main referee will immediately bring the players back to the center of the mat, announce the point decision and the current score, and restart the match: the timekeeper will then restart the clock in the adult divisions.  The main referee may halt the action at any time to warn of safety or rule infractions, or to bring the players back to the center of the mat.  Unless specifically told to stop time by the main referee, the timekeeper will keep the clock running until a throw or fall occurs.

3. Match Scoring

Points will be awarded according to USSA regulations: 3 points for dynamic (full body flip in air or over shoulder level) throws, 2 points for a clean throw, opponent on back or side, 1 point for just bringing opponent down to the mat ("four points down").

"Four points down" means:

On the back or side; sitting down on the mat; kneeling on all fours; kneeling with both feet and knees on the mat; kneeling on one knee with both feet and one hand on the mat; crouching with both feet and hands on the mat.

If the opponent is thrown out of bounds the thrower must have both feet remain in bounds to score.  If the thower falls after the opponent one point is deducted, unless the opponent deliberately pulls the thrower down.

A point will NOT be awarded for:

Sacrifice throws -- falling down to throw the opponent.
Opponent falling with no control by thrower.
Falling down with the opponent.

Exceptions to the last item: if the opponent deliberately pulls the thrower down on top of him, or if the thrower completes a clean lower hooking type throw with control, a point will be awarded to the thrower.

These scoring rules are designed to reward controlled techniques, and to prevent injuries caused by reckless throwing or reaching for the mat with the hands.

4. End of Match

The match will end when the 3 minutes are up, or when one player is 10 points ahead.

If the point score is tied, the player who scored the first point will win the match.  If no points have been scored, the match is a draw.  No extension rounds will be fought unless the match is a final.

5. Tournament Scoring for Round Robin Competition

Each player will fight every other player in the division.  The player who wins the most matches will win the division.  If a division is split into two groups for the round-robin, the First place players from each group will fight for First and Second place.  The Second place players will fight for Third and Fourth place.

A draw gives each contestant a 1/2 win score.  If there are two players with an equal number of wins, the winner of their match against each other will win the division.  If they fought to a draw, or if more than two players have won equal numbers of matches, the winner will be decided by comparing the points for throws accumulated by each player during the division competition.  Second and third place will be determined by the same methods.

6. Safety Rules Governing Matches

No player shall willfully disregard the safety of his opponent.

The main referee may immediately disqualify a player, and award the match to his opponent, if a flagrant violation is committed.  The side judges may point out safety violations to the referee.  Minor violations will receive a warning.  Three formal warnings of safety violations will result in disqualification.  Prohibited actions include:

Deliberately striking the joints, groin, spine, head, or other vital areas of the opponent.
Pulling hair, head butting or grinding.  Choking, biting, gouging, or pinching.  Kicking or striking with excessive force.  Twisting the finger, wrist, ankle, or neck.  Continuing to fight with one or both players down on the mat.

Arm bars, elbow, and knee joint locks are permitted only if they are done with regard for the opponent's safety, and as part of a throw.

7. General Rules of Conduct

The players will show respect for each other and the officials.

The main referee will issue a formal warning to a player who violates the general rules of conduct.  Three such conduct warnings will result in a point being awarded to the other player.  The main rule is to display good sportsmanship.

No stalling.  The players must show good fighting spirit: a player may not deliberately avoid or run from his opponent, or attempt to move out of bounds.  A player must show a willingness to attack as well as defend.  No hanging on the opponent. If the players are in a static clinch, the referee will call "SWITCH GRIPS" after five seconds.  No foul language or verbal abuse will be tolerated.

Any disputes over rulings or regulations will be decided by a consensus of the tournament officials after referring to the current edition of the United States Shuai Chiao Association handbook.

The Shuai Chiao Kungfu Club at The Ohio State University