The Shuai Chiao Kungfu Club at The Ohio State University (return) 

Club Practice Guidelines 
                                                                   --photo by Adam Williams

  • Proper Dress
  • Shuai Chiao practice does not require a special uniform, but a Shuai Chiao jacket is used by the advanced students, especially when sparring in traditional style. Beginners should wear long, loose-fitting pants, and a T-shirt. Established club members not wearing a Shuai Chiao jacket should wear the club uniform: a Shuai Chiao Club T-shirt, or white T-shirt, and long black pants. For safety reasons, any sort of dangling jewelry should not be worn onto the mat. Street shoes should not be worn into the gymnasium room itself, especially in the Winter months. The ONLY types of shoes allowed on the mat are special Kungfu shoes or wrestling shoes. No edged or pointed weapons may be brought onto the mat.

  • Safety
  • Shuai Chiao is very safe when practiced properly. All students should remember and follow our safety guidelines:

  • Attendance
  • It is important to arrive for club practice at least five minutes early, and be ready to leave as soon as practice ends. Our regular evening workouts are only one hour and forty-five minutes long. If we wait for all the stragglers, another 15 to 20 minutes can be lost. If you must arrive late, please do your own personal warm-up exercises off the main mat. Do not come on the main mat "cold", it is too easy to injure yourself.

    Our workout space is granted to us by the University only if we maintain a high level of student participation. If you decide to join the club, it is important to come to at least one regular practice session a week.

    The Shuai Chiao Kungfu Club at The Ohio State University (return)