The Shuai Chiao Kungfu Club at The Ohio State University (return) 
The Shuai Chiao Kungfu Club at The Ohio State University


 Section 1

  The name of this club shall be The Shuai Chiao Kung-fu Club at The Ohio State University.

  Henceforth referred to as the "Club."



 Section 1 The objective of the Club shall be

  a. To provide any member of this university's community the opportunity to study Shuai Chiao and other associated martial arts.

               b. To provide any member the opportunity to practice and use their knowlege in competition and for self-defense.

  c. To teach all members the importance and necessity of good sportsmanship in competition and self-control in daily life.



 Section 1 Eligibility

  a. Any University recognized full time or part-time student, staff, or faculty.

  b. OSU alumni and a limited number of community members are eligible for non-voting membership.

  c. Membership is extended to anyone regardless of sex, age, religion, race, national origin, or impairment either mental or physical.



 Section 1                The officers of the Club will consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Sergeant at Arms.

 Section 2 Eligibility for office.

  a. Only student members currently enrolled at OSU and in good standing in the University are eligible for office.

  b. Candidates for office must be voting members of the Club.

 Section 3 Duties

  a. The President shall:

   1) Preside over all meetings, manage the Club politically, and be its voice.

   2) Call at least one organizational meeting per Quarter.

   3) Ensure that all Club paperwork required by the University administration is turned in promptly and deal with the University administration, regulations, and policies in conjunction with the other officers. 

   4) Take charge and organize all elections.

   5) Have the power to initiate special committees when needed

   6) Be responsible for any external correspondence of the Club in conjunction with the other officers and the Instructors.

   7) Attend the University's Quarterly President's meetings for Sport Clubs.

   8) Be head of the Tournament Committee.

   9) Attend practices regularly.


  b. The Vice-President shall:

    1) In the absence of the President, the VP will assume all responsibilities of the President.

   2) Take on the responsibilities the President appoints to him.

   3) Assist in public relations.

   4) Attend practices regularly


  c. The Secretary-Treasurer shall:

   1) Handle The Club bank account, receive all dues and other payments from Club members, disburse all Club checks and payments.

   2) Keep records of all bills, receipts, and Club documents.

   3) Make available upon request of any instructor or voting Club member the details of the Club financial balance.

   3) Maintain a Club roster with Club member names and contact information.

   4) Record minutes of meetings and election results.

    5) Attend practices regularly


  d. The Sergeant at Arms shall:

   1) In the absence of any Club officers, temporarily fill that position.

   2) Assist other Club officers in their duties.

   3) Attend practices regularly




 Section 4 Terms of Office

  a. Each officer will serve from the beginning of Summer Quarter to the end of the following Spring Quarter.

  b. The President and Vice-President shall serve no more than two consecutive terms in the same office.


 Section 5 Vacancies of Office

  a. Vacancy of the Presidency will be filled by the Vice-President.

  b. All other vacancies will be filled by the Sergeant at Arms.

  c. Vacancy of the Sergeant at Arms will be filled by Presidential nomination and approved by the members of the Club.


 Section 6 Election of Officers

  a. Nominations

   1) Nominations and volunteers for office must be eligible, voting, Club members.

   2) No person may be nominated for more than two offices.


  b. Elections

   1) Elections will be held in the last weeks of Spring Quarter.

   2) Quorum is 2/3 of paid, voting Club membership.

   3) Order of election shall be: President, Secretary/Treasurer, Vice-President, and Sergeant at Arms, then:

    a. Ratification of amendments to the Club Constitution.

    b. Nomination of new instructors.

    c. Voting to approve new instructors for the next year.




 Section 1 Practices will be held in OSU facilities whenever possible. Facility space will be formally requested by the Club President well before the start of the Quarter, in accordance with OSU RecSports guidelines.


 Section 2 The top-ranking instructor or student that is present at the start of each practice will lead Club members for that practice.


 Section 3 The leading instructor will be responsible for safety and any and all disciplinary matters concerning Club members for that particular practice.


 Section 4 All members will give proper respect to each other while in Club practice. In accordance with OSU policy, no discriminatory language or actions will be countenanced.


 Section 5 All participants in a Club practice are responsible for following the Club safety rules and guidelines.  




 Section 1 Any questions of interpretations of the Club Constitution shall be referred to the Club officers as a group.




 Section 1 This Constitution may be amended by a 2/3 vote of members attending the election.


 Section 2 Any proposed amendment must be submitted to the Club officers, in writing, at least one week before elections. 




 Section 1 All belt test promotions will follow the United States Shuai Chiao Association guidelines.




 Section 1 Dues will consist of a $20.00 fee per Quarter (no prorating).


 Section 2 Club dues should be collected by the fourth week of the Quarter


 Section 3 Club members must pay dues on time to maintain their membership in good standing. New Club attendees will be allowed to try at least four practice sessions before committing to Club membership.


 Section 4 All Club purchases must be agreed upon by a vote of Club membership.




 Section 1 Any Club member is eligible for the tournament committee.


 Section 2 The tournament committee shall be responsible for organizing times, places, etc. for all formal competitions and special events.


 Section 3 The tournament committee shall make its recommendations to the Club membership, who will vote to approve all incidental costs and purchases.





 Section 1 To be eligible the Club member must be a university recognized full or part-time student.


 Section 2 The voting Club member must have paid dues for the current Quarter.




 Section 1 Voting on all subjects, with the exclusion of amendments to the Club constitution, will require a simple majority decision (51%)


 Section 2 Voting will be open ballot, unless the quorum decides otherwise for contentious issues.


 Section 3 There will be appropriate time allowed for the full discussion of the subject before any vote.




 Section 1 Any voting Club member or instructor can recommend disciplinary action.


 Section 2 Long term disciplinary action will be decided on by a 2/3 quorum of the instructors and officers.


 Section 3 Serious disciplinary action for a Club member, or any action for a Club officer, will be voted on by a 2/3 quorum of the full voting Club membership.




 Section 1 To disband the Club, the proposal must be made at least one weeks prior to a vote on the issue. All voting Club members must be contacted by the Club officers. A unanimous vote is required to allow full dissolution.




The Shuai Chiao Kungfu Club at The Ohio State University (return)